OC Recruitment Awareness Project

OC Recruitment Awareness Project

Contact Person: Thu-Trang Tran

(714) 649-0501.

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 Santa Ana California


Organizational Base:

Student or non student community based

 Work Issues:

Opt Out NCLB recruiting list
Limiting Recruiter Access to Schools
CR trainings
General Counter Recruitment Education

Outreach to Specific Communities:


Additional Info:

OC-RAP is based out of arguably the most conservative counties in the nation, where many school administrators and educators are pro-military and pro-war.  It is against this hegemony that we work to demilitarize our local public schools to give our youth the breathing space to learn and grow, to live long and prosper.

Currently, our main outreach activities are: leafleting at heavily recruited public high schools, giving classroom presentations, counseling youth considering enlistment and active duty curious about their options. If you'd like to assist us in any of these efforts, please feel free to e-mail us at the above address or call our message line at (714) 649-0501.

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