Traprock Peace Center

Contact Person: Sunny Miller

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 Deerfield  Massachusetts
Tel: 413-773-7427 01342

Local, Regional, National

Organizational Base:

Student and nonstudent community based

 Work Issues:

  • College Counter recruitment Work
  • Conscientious Objection
  • CR trainings
  • General Counter Recruitment Education

 Additional Info:

Traprock provides organizational (501 c 3 fiscal sponsorship), documentary (photo, audio and video files) and strategic/logistical support for student organizers doing counter-recruitment and anti-war work.

Traprock's web site provides numerous audio, photo-albums and documents, with streaming videos on Youtube and Google on topics relevant to counter recruitment. Resources include audio or video of numerous Iraq Veterans Against the War members, Veterans for Peace and Appeal for Redress (Jonathan Hutto).

Traprock provided 501 c 3 sponsorship for the tax deductible defense fund of Sgt. Kevin Benderman, whose conscientious objector application was summarily denied by the Army following his first tour of duty in Iraq.

This spring Traprock and the Franklin County Interfaith Council hosted our 8th annual Peace Maker Prizes to nominated high school students in Franklin County.

Traprock has opportunities for non-residential internships for people over 18, and residential internships for those with high recommendations seeking a community service opportunity for immersion in peace work.



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