TAME (Truth and Alternatives to Militarism in Education)

Contact Person: Michelle Nightoak


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 Madison  Wisconsin
Tel: (608) 250-9240  53703
Scope:  Regional, Local
Organizational Base:  Student and nonstudent community based

 Work Issues:

  • Alternatives to the Military
  • Equal Access for Counter recruitment
  • Opt Out NCLB recruiting list
  • Limiting Recruiter Access to Schools
  • School Board Policies and Accountability Monitoring
  • General Counter Recruitment Education

Additional Info:

We offer assistance to people interested in working to regulate military recruiting in their high schools. Our direct action limiting recruiter access serves as a vehicle to educate students and families about larger issues related to the increasing militarization of our schools. We hope to build a stronger network of concerned people and organizations in Wisconsin and take on more issues as we grow. Our web site offers resources for download and links to organizations whose work complements our own.


 TAME (Truth and Alternatives to Militarism in Education)


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