Military Targets Corvallis High Schools: Too Young to Drink, Old Enough to Serve

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Military Targets Corvallis High Schools: Too Young to Drink, Old Enough to ServeWar is a touchy subject, especially given the near-palpable tension of the upcoming presidential election. If you’re against war, you’re a hippy at best, anti-military and unpatriotic at worst. If you’re for it, you’re pro-violence, anti-peace, an extreme conservative… Basically, you’re either too fat or too skinny, and the middle ground is essentially a wasteland. I’m not anti-military as we now know it, although there are certainly myriad issues. I do think increasing military spending when the military isn’t even asking for it, while cutting all sorts of important and necessary social programs, is absolutely ridiculous. But that’s neither here nor there.

There are some aspects of our military that are more controversial than others, and some issues really hit home—mainly because they’re happening here. When your teenaged son or daughter reports they conversed with a US military recruiter in the hall of their high school, you may experience mixed emotions. Maybe you feel socially obligated to support the military (or maybe you’re all for or against it), but you don’t want your child exposed to this particular career path. School administrators experience this same juxtaposition of thought—the men and women who recruit high school students may be exemplary human beings, and they’re simply doing their jobs. But recruiters are also asking young people to make decisions that studies suggest they aren’t ready to make, and, since it is their job to recruit people into the military, recruiters may not provide all necessary risk information to students.

War Making and State Making as Organized Crime

Charles Tilly -

Tudors - War MakersIf protection rackets represent organised crime at its smoothest, then war risking and state making – quintessential protection rackets with the advantage of legitimacy – qualify as our largest examples of organised crime. Without branding all generals and statesmen as murderers or thieves, I want to urge the value of that analogy. At least for the European experience of the past few centuries, a portrait of war makers and state makers as coercive and self-seeking entrepreneurs bears a far greater resemblance to the facts than do its chief alternatives: the idea of a social contract, the idea of an open market in which operators of armies and states offer services to willing consumers, the idea of a society whose shared norms and expectations call forth a certain kind of government.

The reflections that follow merely illustrate the analogy of war making and state making with organized crime from a few hundred years of European experience and offer tentative arguments concerning principles of change and variation underlying the experience. My reflections grow from contemporary concerns: worries about the increasing destructiveness of war, the expanding role of great powers as suppliers of arms and military organization to poor countries, and the growing importance of military control in those same countries. They spring from the hope that the European experience, properly understood, will help us to grasp what is happening today, perhaps even to do something about it.

Endless War: How Shooting Games Perpetuate War as the New Normal

Patricia Hernandez -

Endless WarAs of this year, the war on Afghanistan has been going on for over a decade--making it the longest standing war that the United States has been involved with. The average person living in the United States wouldn’t really know it, doesn’t really care, or can’t do anything about it.

The indifferent or helpless response makes sense. The “war on terror” makes it clear that the purpose of modern war is control--not conflict resolution. Peace isn’t on the drone’s radar. More war is. For in the “war on terror,” enemies could be anyone, anything; it has no particular enemy.

War becomes borderless. War cannot be ‘won’ in the traditional sense, it is ongoing, permanent. Security, and not defense, become the hallmark of ‘the war on terror,’ and this security redefines and violates civil rights in the name of the preservation of democracy. You’d think that the erosion of civil rights would create action, but this is where media such as games come into play.

The Pentagon is Like the Vatican

John Stanton -

Why the Civilian Leadership Fears the Military

Democia“Only 17 percent of the all-volunteer force serves for more than 20 years, and they are endowed with a lifetime benefit. The current US military retirement system does not compensate for those in high risk situations or extenuating circumstances (e.g., combat duty, hardship tour, and separation from family).. The current military retirement system is unfair.  For example, 83 percent of those serving in the US military will receive no retirement benefit.  US military personnel serving 5, 10, or 15 years will depart from service with no benefit or pension.  This cohort includes the majority of troops who have engaged and will engage in combat.  Retiree healthcare (TRICARE) is significantly more generous than civilian programs. For those serving more than 20 years, the retirement contribution is 10 times greater than the private sector: average private sector pension contributions range from 4-12% per year; military retirement benefit equates to 75% of annual pay per year for those who retire; and immediate payout after 20 years has no comparison in the private sector. In light of the budget challenges DOD is currently facing, the military retirement system appears increasingly unaffordable.” Defense Business Board

How times have changed since General George C. Marshall (1880-1959) walked the Earth. Chances are he would be appalled by the current-day US military leadership that has allowed (and taken advantage of) a national security/militaristic thinking to penetrate deep into the American political and social arenas. Marshall, no doubt, would be taken aback by the revolving door between the Pentagon and the private sector, and the hyper-privatization of the US national security machinery.

Report shows violence in movies, games can trigger agressive thoughts and feelings

Pat Curtis -

Iowa State psychology professors Douglas Gentile (left) and Craig Anderson (right) were co-authors of the book "Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents" and were significant contributors to a new international Media Violence Commission on the known effects of media violence exposure. Photo by Bob Elbert, ISU News ServiceTwo researchers at Iowa State University are part of an international team that’s issued a new report on the effects of exposure to violent images — such as scenes in movies, games or pictures in comic books. I.S.U. psychology professor Craig Anderson is president of the International Society for Research on Aggression (IRSA).

He appointed a commission which released the report that concludes research clearly shows media violence can trigger aggressive thoughts and feelings. “My hope is that (the report) will inspire some parent groups and education groups to redouble their efforts to help educate parents about the importance of looking at the amount of media violence that’s in their children’s diets,” Anderson said.

The Media Violence Commission includes I.S.U. associate professor of psychology Douglas Gentile. The commission’s report is published in the September/October issue of the journal Aggressive Behavior. Anderson said he’s often surprised to find many parents don’t seem to realize exposure to media violence does increase an individual’s relative risk to become aggressive. Other parents recognize the risk, but don’t take steps to limit their kids’ exposure.

Returning Fire: Interventions in Video Game Culture

Making Contact: National Radio Project -

Making ContactAt the mall, online, and even within the US military. Interactive, realistic, pro-war video games have become part of American culture.  But anti-war protestors have found a way inside those games too.  And artists are finding ways to turn the virtual world, into a place where the military hero narrative can be questioned.  On this edition, We hear excerpts from the movie



[Voices over walkie talkie]
- 6-70?
- Stand by.
- Got three personnel.
- Shoot ‘em.

[Machine gun fire]

Creating Killers and Dyers

Tony Soldo -

US Empire Propaganda is very powerful.

U.S. PropagandaNotice the increase in military recruiting ads on prime time TV news, sports, comedy, drama, and music channels. The US Empire spends a billion dollars a year on military recruiting advertising and they do it because it works. We need to stop military recruiting on TV and in schools. Stop military recruiters and you stop the wars. War is the biggest threat to peace and it is taught to children around the world that war, and the men who fight in them, is necessary and noble and sometimes holy, and the people who start them and profit from them also control the schools and movies and tv commercials that brainwash our children.  War is the greatest curse on mankind, wars kill millions while so called terror attacks only kill dozens or hundreds.  Violence has become so entrenched in our society, through an endless assembly line of action movies every weekend at thousands movie theaters across the country, from slasher flicks, to war movies, to cops hunting down the bad guys, that our culture has just accepted violence as normal human 

Another popular mind-conditioning form of entertainment is video games. The first person shooter games are very popular with our youth, and a very effective tool by the government's military to train all future soldiers. Violence starts with an image that is imprinted on the mind, and over time, becomes part of one's thought process, and then from the mind, these violent thoughts become part of the emotional state, causing a feeling  or a "high", like any drug, and finally, violence manifest's itself through one's actions. Ask yourself one question. Why is violence so entertaining to you?

Another form of violence is "slap-stick" comedy. Think about all the cartoons and toys that we shower our children with. Before they can speak a complete sentence, they already know how to hit, kick, and push, other children, by watching violent cartoons and other action movies. Children "model" behavior, that's how we learn, by watching other humans act, either good or bad, this is called conditioning.

Turning off the TV and encouraging your children to take up constructive and positive activities is part of the solution, and a stable, loving, two parent home gives children the foundation for a happy adult life, but, don't think you have to defend the concept of violence to promote a well balanced and well adjusted child. We don't have to choose just one solution to the problem, and defend the other problem. Why do we need to be entertained with violence? Why is it so prevalent in our society?

"Stop Military Recruiters from preying on children. 
Resist Recruiters in schools.

There will be a day in our society, when recruiting children for war will be as offensive and evil as child molesting, instead of being noble, patriotic, and "Christian-like", as it is now.
There will be a day."

Maybe because it is drilled into our heads from the time we are old enough to sit upright and stare at that programming box that is in every home in the nation. Maybe because they use humor to ram the violence through our children's impressionable little minds. It is time to reprogram the minds of our society and change the culture of violence. Violence must become an unacceptable and vile form of entertainment, to the point that people will be embarrassed and ashamed to admit watching it.

We will never stop all violence in the world, but, if we started in our own home, by not being entertained by violence, and replaced those movies with more positive movies and cartoons and toys for our children, we could become the change that we want to see, and the next generation will pay dividends through living more peacefully with each other, and violence will become less acceptable and more offensive in our culture. All violence is evil but when governments brainwash millions of children to love the military and love the concept of war, and the parents give their blessings to their children, even after their loved ones have died in previous wars, that is the very definition of evil.

We must remember that the reason so many people cannot bring themselves to stop supporting the troops and harshly criticizing someone for joining the military and becoming a soldier, is a lifetime of mental programming, mind conditioning, and brainwashing.
95% of our thoughts, emotions, words, then actions, come from our subconscious mind, the other 5% from our conscious mind, so we cannot just hear or see the evil acts of a soldier and instantly comprehend that being a soldier is wrong, because our subconscious mind will always revert back to it's original programming, most of which has been downloaded into our "harddrive" in the first 6-10 years of our life.

Six Step plan for transforming innocent children into heartless, mindless, cold blooded, killing machines:

Step 1: Brainwash children with TV, movies, video games, toys, games, school, sports, entertainment, music, etc..., with pro war, patriotic, propaganda, so that by the time the child turns 8 years old, he decides that he wants to be a soldier when he grows up. 
At that point, his fate is sealed, and Satan has another recruit.

Step 2: Desensitize them to violence, death, human suffering, and pain, with the same tactics and methods in step 1, with TV, movies, video games, school, and music, becoming more prevalent and repetitive in the child's life.

Step 3: Recruit the child in school, at shopping malls, on TV, sporting events, music concerts, etc...,where ever they are, make sales pitch, set the hook, reel them in.

Step 4: Once they sign their life away, send them to a reconditioning camp, to break them down, erase their minds, and reprogram them to kill without thinking; Autokill.

Step 5: Send them around the world, unleash them on innocent, unsuspecting, human beings, to subdue local and regional areas, to create safe environment for corporations to extract all valuable resources, while enslaving and controlling the native population.

Step 6: Return soldier to his home, to try to resume a normal life, without telling him that all the mind control, programming, desensitizing, and actual killing that is part of his being and consciousness, is permanent and real, and the the body, mind, and soul cannot peacefully exist within this state.
Watch and wait for meltdown and breakdown, then publicly renounce the defective soldier and his actions.

Parents Do Your Job

What role does a parent play in deciding the future actions of their children when it comes to joining and fighting for a government's army, and then being forced to go anywhere at anytime, to kill or die for that government?

Most parents encourage their children to join the military, and even the parents that don't like the idea of their children joining, still believe the big lie that by joining, their children are "serving their country", and "defending our freedom." 

Parents are just as brainwashed as their children when it comes to patriotism and nationalism. 

Every generation passes these lies down to their children through war-glorifying toys, video games, TV, movies, books, schools, and parents who were in the military, telling their children war stories. 

It may be an all volunteer force, but, through mind conditioning and propaganda, most children who join are already "locked in" by the time they are 10-14 years old.

Every time a parent comments on the death of their young child who died while in the military, they all say the same thing,  
"He wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy, and he died doing what loved," and
"He died serving his country and making the world a better place."

How sad it is that even after the most tragic event in a person's life; the death of one's child, so many people actually find comfort in the loss of their child by believing the big lie of patriotism, that soldiers must kill and die for our freedom and they  are giving freedom to the people in other countries, instead of the truth that all wars are fought to enrich the few powerful rich men who control all governments and large corporations, and those soldiers who die, die for a lie.

Parents, it is your job to protect your children, and the best way to protect them is to teach them not to believe lies, especially the lies of people within the government and corporations, and not to do anything to others that they would not want others to do to them, like attacking, invading, occupying, and oppressing other people.

And stop feeding your children's minds with violent, war-glorifying  entertainment, like toys, video games, TV shows, movies, and books, and teach them the value of respecting other people's right to be left alone, and to live and let live, and to live a peaceful as possible life, doing no harm to others.

Teaching our children to use critical thinking skills and to question everything and consider multiple solutions before they decide what is best for their personal belief system, would cause them to develop their own truth based reality, and to respect all other people, by leaving them alone, unless they request help, would solve many of our world's problems. 

The only justifiable use of force is when one protects oneself, and one's immediate family from an immediate or imminent threat.
All other acts of violence are un-defendable. That should be a parent's biggest responsibility towards their children's well being and future.

Parents, Do Your Job!

One thing you can do for your children is to "opt out" of being contacted by the military recruiters. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, the Pentagon gathers info on all school children, and then calls or writes to them at school and your home. If any school tries to stop this, they lose federal budget dollars, and no school superintendent can afford that.

Get the forms to print out so they can put your children on a no contact list. 

Here is the link:

Schools should allow alternative perspectives and options, to allow the child a broader range of choices.

Here are some honest comments and questions for young people thinking of joining the military:

Advice for those considering joining the military

"That organization does not exist to give you money for school, that organization exist to exert the political will of the United States Government against other people by force of arms."
Stan Goff

Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff explains what military life really entails.

Stan's website is

Before You Enlist

Collateral Murder soldier Ethan McCord

Should We End Military Recruiting in High Schools as a Matter of Child Protection and Public Health?
Amy Hagopian and Kathy Barker


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