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pdf Recruiting Station Operations Popular

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USAREC Manual 3-01USAREC Manual 3-01; April, 2005


pdf School Recruiting Program Handbook Popular

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USAREC Pamphlet 350-13USAREC Pamphlet 350-13; 9/1/04


default US Military Entrance Processing Command Electronic Publications: Popular

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Military Entrance Processing CommandWelcome to United States Military Entrance Processing Command's (USMEPCOM) electronic library of administrative publications and forms created by and for USMEPCOM. Information presented in this section is considered public information, and may be distributed or copied for noncommercial purposes as outlined by the Freedom of Information Act.

default USAREC Electronic Publications: Popular

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USAREC Electronic Publications:
US Army Recruiting Command regulations, supplements, circulars and more.

pdf USAREC Regulation 601-96; 4/30/05 Popular

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USAREC Regulation 601-96USAREC Regulation 601-96

pdf USMC Military Personnel Procurement Manual, 6/18/04 Popular

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